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Saltwater Harvest is a fully licensed fishing business operating under a number of different licenses and permits issued by NSW Fisheries. We only collect wild produce by hand in a sustainable manner. Our product range includes a number of species of Sea Urchin, Turban Shell and Seaweed or more correctly Macro Algae species. The products listed below are our most popular species but others are available on request dependent on licensing and season. If you don’t see your species of interest listed below, click on the contact us tab and we will respond to you quickly.


Sea Urchins are an ancient life form known as echinoderms, which include starfish and sea cucumbers. Sea urchins have been eaten as a traditional food by many cultures around the world for tens of thousands of years. The quality of NSW sea urchin is world class and are now being exported overseas as a delicacy. In many parts of NSW sea urchins are considered to be over abundant and are causing “urchin barrens” which is the local extinction of seaweed beds. The collection of sea urchins is helping to restore this balance allowing seaweed regeneration. The NSW sea urchin fishery is considered to be a highly sustainable and well managed fishery. All sea urchins are collected by hand, one at a time. This ensures minimal disturbance to marine habitat. By eating sea urchins, you are helping to protect our coastal inshore reefs.



Turban shells has been a traditional food for coastal aboriginal communities for tens of thousands of years. The shell has even been recorded as being used to craft crude fishing hooks. Turban shells are a group of molluscs known as gastropods. They are characterised by a large spiral shell and heavy door (operculum) which they can close to protect their meaty body from predators.

Similar to Abalone, these molluscs are vegetarians, grazing on rocky reefs covered in algae. They have a similar texture and taste to Abalone, but with a smaller foot. To open, the sell is cracked, the operculum prized open or blanched whole which allows for easy removal of the meat.

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