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About Us


Saltwater Harvest was created by Craig Shephard, who is a passionate Freediver, Spearfisherman and Commercial Diver, specialising in the harvest of fresh sea urchin and turban snails. Craig has over 35 years diving experience, which began when he was eight spearfishing with his parents.

Craig pursued his passion for the ocean with formal studies, graduating as a Biological Scientist from the University of Technology Sydney in 1994. He later enjoyed a professional career in conservation, working in local government and 16 years as a biologist for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. He now runs his own business as an environmental consultant.


In 2010 Craig and his wife Justine purchased a sea urchin and turban shell commercial license and began selective wild harvest of these delicacies. This license allows Saltwater Harvest to collect sea urchin throughout the waters of NSW, but chooses to supply the Sydney elite restaurant market with local, live sea urchin harvested from the pristine waters of Royal National Park, south of Sydney. This product is delivered live to each venue within hours of harvest, easily making it the freshest sea urchin and turban snail delivered and served in Australia.


Saltwater Harvest collect each and every urchin and snail by hand, one at a time, making this fishery one of the most sustainable in Australia. Sea urchins have a reputation of becoming over abundant and by harvesting this product, other species such as abalone and lobsters may experience localised benefits to their environment. By eating sea urchin, you are not only enjoying one of the highest forms of protein on earth, but also assisting in nature’s cycle to restore habitat.

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