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Updated: Feb 2, 2018

SPECIES: Green Fingers (Codium fragile)

Codium is in the group of green seaweeds and is called multiple names, including green sea fingers or stag seaweed. It originates from the Pacific Ocean near Japan and has become one of the most invasive species on the coast of the northern Atlantic Ocean. Some research indicates that a native subspecies does exist in Sydney. It is transported by ship’s ballast and quickly attaches to structure such as wharves and pylons. It also has a reputation as an oyster thief as it can attache to oysters, causing them to drift off in the current.

SUSTAINABILITY: Only limited quantities of Codium is permitted to be collected each month as research is currently underway to determine if the local species is introduced or native.

COLLECTION: No more than 50% of any plant can be harvested and the root stock must be left intact.

AVAILABILITY: October to July


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